Horsemanship &  Barrel Racing Lessons

Knot Quite A Ranch

What to Expect

When you are beginning lessons at a barn you're full of questions of what to expect and how things work.  Here at KQR we try to make that newness transition as easy as possible with lots of information for you.  

Our youngest students being around 6 or 7, and there hasn't been an age limit yet!  We begin all students with a introductory lesson to allow plenty of individual Q&A time.  The first lesson we go over a lot of information about how horses think, react, and work with each other so students are safely able to ride together in a group.  Understanding how horses think allows us to better prepare and communicate with them.  After your introductory lesson, students join a group of 3-4 riders in a 60-90 min class (depending on which class you join)